The MISSION of the Chamiza Foundation is to help insure the continuity and “living” preservation of Pueblo Indian culture and traditions.


For close to 30 years, the Chamiza Foundation has continued its commitment to support the continuation of Pueblo culture. The Board of Directors, Members of the Phillips family and Staff carry out the work of the Foundation and are undeterred in their dedication to its original mission. This has insured the Chamiza Foundation’s continued relevance to Pueblo communities now and for generations to come.

Although a Family Foundation, from the beginning, at least half of the Chamiza Board has consisted of Pueblo members. Currently, the board of fourteen members includes nine Pueblo members. Pueblo members continue to guide grant making decisions into areas where support is most needed.

The Foundation is committed to a grassroots approach to grant making that supports leadership in Pueblo communities and their efforts to effect positive and innovative change that sustains culture and traditions.

The Chamiza Foundation is dedicated to on-going collaboration and long-term relationships with Pueblo communities.

Funding priorities are focused on cultural preservation and include:  Language revitalization; Sustainable agriculture; Traditional building; Traditional arts and crafts; Storytelling and oral history; Youth education and leadership programs including environmental stewardship and ecology; and Intercultural exchange.