Who’s Eligible

The Chamiza Foundation invites proposals from the following: 

•  New Mexico’s 19 Pueblo Indian tribal communities.

•  Isleta del Sur Pueblo, El Paso, Texas, member of the All Pueblo Council of Governors and the 20th Pueblo.

•  Pueblo community leaders and artists.

• Non-Pueblo organizations that serve Pueblo communities. These entities must submit a letter of support from the Governor of the Pueblo as evidence that the community has requested their involvement.

Program Emphasis:  

The Foundation provides grant support for programs that directly relate to some aspect of the preservation and/or continuity of Pueblo culture and traditional lifeways. Chamiza Foundation grant awards vary in size, on average from $4,000 to $8,000, but no matter the size, each has the potential for great impact.


• Language preservation and revitalization programs.

• Traditional architecture and building.

• Sustainable agriculture:  traditional food ways and cooking practices; understanding of plants and their medicinal uses.

• Traditional arts and crafts instruction: intergenerational programs.

• Tribal and ancestral history; oral histories and storytelling.

• Youth education and leadership:  traditions and elements of ceremonial life; ecology and environmental stewardship; innovative uses of technology.  Special consideration is given to programs that include a language component. 

• Intercultural Exchange and Education

The Foundation’s focus at present does not include construction or renovation projects unless they include a traditional architectural aspect, a youth education component, and do not interfere with traditional ways of community participation.

Generally, the foundation does not support programs oriented to economic development, entrepreneurial enterprises or health issues.