Greetings everyone, I hope this message finds you all in good health and happiness. Here at the Chamiza Foundation we are steadily moving along in the new year. We had our first board meeting for the year on March 11, 2022. I am happy to announce that we awarded $94,071.00 towards “Traditional” projects and programs. This includes projects and programs that focus on the following areas: Language preservation and revitalization, Sustainable agriculture, Pueblo Health and Wellness, Traditional arts and crafts instruction (intergenerational programs), and Youth education and leadership. Additionally, we awarded $15,000.00 for a special Broadband Project. Please check out the “Impact” page on our website to see who was awarded for the first round of 2022.

Our next application deadline is May 13, 2022. We will be accepting applications for our “Traditional” priority areas which include language preservation, traditional architecture, sustainable agriculture, traditional arts & crafts, tribal & ancestral history, oral histories & storytelling, youth education & leadership, intercultural/intergenerational exchange and education. The online application portal will begin accepting applications starting April 8, 2022. If you have any questions about how to submit your application, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. You can apply directly online through our website. Please be aware that when you start the process you cannot stop and save your application, you must start and finish in one sitting. So please have all your documents that you will need to complete the application on hand. You can also still download the application from our website as well. If you have a project or program idea that you need help developing, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing many more great applications for our next round of funding.

Below you will information on two organizations that the Chamiza Foundation supports. The first is the Golden Apple Foundation. I have been asked to sit on the Advisory Council. The Golden Apple Foundation is working to build and grow a strong, diverse, and sustainable teacher pipeline in New Mexico. Secondly, we wish to support fundraising efforts being made by the Keres Children’s Learning Center. Please see their announcement below for more details.

Take care and be safe everyone!

Warm regards,

Dr. Amanda J. Montoya


Golden Apple Scholars of New Mexico


The Golden Apple Scholars of New Mexico program is a teacher preparation program, for high school seniors through sophomores in college in New Mexico, who have the determination and drive to be highly effective teachers in New Mexico K-12 schools. The Golden Apple Scholars of New Mexico Program prepares aspiring teachers for immediate and lasting success in the most challenging teaching environments. The deadline to apply is May 13, 2022. Please visit: for more information.

Furthermore, the Golden Apple Scholars of New Mexico program is searching for a Chief Program Officer/Executive Director. For more information please visit:




Happy 10th Birthday Keres Children’s Learning Center!


KCLC is a Keres-language revitalization school that uses an intergenerational approach to immersion and dual language with Montessori Pedagogy to give children (ages 2½-12) the best of both worlds—an opportunity for children to learn through their heritage language of Keres while simultaneously accessing an academic curriculum that challenges their intellect and values their whole being. KCLC’s mission is “to reclaim our children’s education and honor our heritage by using a comprehensive cultural and academic curriculum to assist families in nurturing Keres-speaking, holistically healthy, community minded, and academically strong students”. KCLC will be hosting a benefit golf tournament on April 22, 2022 to raise funds to build a permanent KCLC school.

They are looking for sponsorships for this worthy cause. They are also accepting donations of cash or prizes that will be used for a raffle that will take place on the day of the tournament, and they will acknowledge their sponsors and prize donors with a fanfare of gratitude during the awards ceremony. If you wish to know more about their golf tournament or the various activities and programs KCLC offers, please feel free to contact Curtis Chavez, KCLC Development Director at (505) 274- 8049 or